The Elohim created 7 Races on Earth. Were Hebrew & Sanskrit one of the original 7 languages. Or is Sanskrit older to Hebrew or vice versa. Which are the original 7 languages. Or did all the races speak only one common language. If so which is that language.

I was reading about the Go Topless Movement and wanted to learn if nudity is legal in India

What were the differences between the Elohim and the Anunnaki?

Did Rael meet the Prophets in the flesh OR in a Virtual Computer system?

Does Jesus arrived India through middle east after resurrection, and was his shrine called Rozabel Shrine in jammu kashmir in India?

Do the Elohim eat meat in this form?

Does the machine called Chronovisor really exists? If yes then what is the present status of it..!!

What if 2 copies of my mind exists in 2 different computers in 2 places of the universe, say mars and moon, and they have no link with each other. Where would I feel my awareness then, in mars, in moon or both ?

Had Buddha really seen his incarnations before he was a human ? He claimed to be many species like insects, birds, animals, etc. before he became a human. According to the human cloning book it is possible, but how is it possible to upload an advanced mind (a human or sentient mind) in a non sentient animal like a bird (considering that a bird has a very low consciousness compared to a higher being).

What is Elohimisation and how is it achieved ? (In context of the book : Yes to human cloning).

Do the eternal Elohim really give us punishment if we do wrong ? Are the sinners really recreated after their death to give punishment to them ? If so, then what is the point because he is already dead and no one will see him ever getting punished so no fear is instilled in the minds of people.

Are these then being done under secret agenda as a diversionary tactics to keep the masses under fear & thereby control.

How do we explain the various news of Cattle mutilations, UFO abductions & Alien hybridization experiments.